Groups on axus gives opportunity to communicate about shared interests with likeminded people. Anyone can create a group within our focused categories:

  • Brewers - Home brewers, Brew Clubs, Brew masters, Breweries and more...
  • Bakers - Home bakers, Baking Clubs, Professional Bakers and more...
  • Gardeners - Home gardeners, Gardening Clubs, Professional Gardeners and more...
  • Innovators - Innovative individuals, Clubs and Societies with special interests in Social Innovation and more...

You can also create a group outside the above focused categories. It can be about anything else you like and placed in category:

  • General -

You can use privacy settings to customise your group. Privacy settings allows people you would like to join to be able to view and participate in the group.

Find out more about how to create a group or join a group you're interested in.

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