John Guest fittings for beer lines be gone

We'd all love to get the perfect beer line fittings and John Guest fittings seem to be just that. They are a push and pull and fit to beer lines within seconds. What could be more convenient than that. The home brewers dream. Some would say they are a tad expensive for after all they are mostly made of plastic but if they last it could be worth it.

Having bought JG fittings for a four keg draft beer system it was not long before discovering the fittings broke very easily, resulting in leaked gas and beer. Not at all what you would expect of an industry leading product as the sellers would have us believe.

In conclusion John Guest fittings are expensive troublesome crap that the home brewer should avoid like the plaque. We’d all be better off saving on time, money, beer and gas!

Get decent beer and gas line fittings – John Guest – be gone!

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