Top three ways to use spent grains.

All-grain beer brewers are blessed with a flora of choices. Home beer brewers choose the finest grains for their brews. It might be the best floor malted Maris Otter from Warminster, UK. to special grains / malts, like smoked, chocolate, crystal, rye, oats and others. Following the grain it's first mashed, sparged and set aside to cool. At this stage the brewer is faced with many useful choices of what to do with the “spent grain”. Although beer brewers do the best to convert starches to fermentable sugars and extract delicious flavours there's ample leftover including wholesome and nutritious fibres.

Top Three Spent Grain Uses

  • Spent grains of all types are used in baking bread, cookies and other food recipes.
  • Spent grains are well suited to garden compost because of an abundance of nutrients and nitrogen.
  • Spent grains are also ideally used as fodder, for chickens, pigs and other farm animals.

Using spent grains in the kitchen, garden or as animal feed is environmentally friendly and a great way to reuse resources. If you're not already doing so, give it a try!


View Peter Reinharts inspiring video on using spent grains in baking “beer bread”.

Bake some beer bread, you'll find a beer bread recipe here.

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